Showcase of Work


Innovative STEM women in Jordan

This project aims to raise awareness of the importance of increasing women participation in innovation in Jordan, and to encourage more women to participate in STEM competitions

Improving the health of livestock in the border areas of Jordan

Agriculture is an important part of the Jordanian national economy. The majority of the rural population in Jordan is involved in agriculture, and many livestock farmers live in areas close to the border with Syria, from where hundreds of thousands of refugees, many with their livestock, have fled since 2011.

Innovations in Water Education

This Project is about the know how to conserve and eliminate the waste of water while considering potential climate change impacts, to enhance water resources management plans new innovative tools and methods need to be used


The project concentrates on strengthening and enhancing the role of higher education institutions and universities in innovation capacity building, technology transfer and commercialization of applied scientific research outcome in Jordan aiming at the creation of the essential environment for innovation in order to build a knowledge-based economy.